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Tree Stump Removal

Think tree stumps are merely unpleasant to look at? Think again! Stumps left behind after taking down trees can lead to serious falls, insect infestations, and even problems with future planting or construction projects. To get rid of your tree stumps once and for all, contact Heartland Lawn and Landscape for efficient stump removal. Eliminating old stumps is harder than you might realize, and we have the tools and techniques to make easy work of residential tree stump removal. Isn’t it time you cleared your landscape of unsightly, hazardous tree stumps? Call us in the Cape Girardeau area today!

While some homeowners try to utilize tree stumps by turning them into flower stands, there is no disguising the fact that tree stumps have no business being in a landscaping plan. The sooner you call on us for stump removal and stump grinding, the quicker we can help you avoid potentially troublesome issues. These include:

  • Falls caused by disregarded tree stumps
  • Stumps that are rotting and attracting insects
  • Stumps taking up space where you want to plant
  • Stumps obstructing construction plans
  • Poor curb appeal due to unattractive tree stumps

For your convenience, we can wrap up your tree stump removal as a stand-alone service or at the same time we take down small trees. Of course, combining your tree and stump removal is the most efficient and cost-effective option, but that’s not always possible when you already have existing stumps littering your yard. However Heartland Lawn and Landscape can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to ask. Our tree stump remover services are just one more way we keep your outdoor property tidy, healthy, and looking sharp!

Economical Tree Trunk Removal

Cutting down trees without bothering to remove tree stumps is often in an effort to save a few bucks. Fortunately, with Heartland Lawn and Landscape, you don’t have to break the bank to take the extra step of stump removal and stump grinding. We work hard to bring you reasonable rates on tree and stump removal, so you won’t end up with rotting stumps and accidents waiting to happen. We’re the tree stump remover you can turn to time and time again for terrific customer service, timely turnarounds, and fair prices. We can fill in the hole when we’re done and install seed or sod for an attractive finish to your stump removal service. Ready to say goodbye to your clunky-looking tree stumps? In Cape Girardeau and across southeast MO, our tree trunk removal pros are ready to help!

See for yourself what an affordable value our tree stump removal service is for your local landscaping. To check out our competitive rates on stump removal and stump grinding, call us for a free estimate. What you can’t afford is a serious accident or bug problem all because of tree stumps that never got removed. Set up your appointment with our licensed and insured professionals today!

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Heartland Lawn and Landscape is Cape Girardeau’s choice for professional residential and commercial landscaping. We provide extraordinary customer service, and our landscape gardeners and lawn care experts have 15+ years of professional know-how. We’ll go above and beyond to beautify your southeast MO home or commercial property. From backyard designs to small tree removal to retaining wall installation, we can help!


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