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Retaining Walls

Fashion and function come together beautifully in a new block retaining wall. When you’re thinking about installing a retainer wall, or you need retaining wall repair, put in a call to Heartland Lawn and Landscape. We can get right to work on your retaining wall systems in Cape Girardeau and the southeast MO area, making sure you have a structure that’s attractive and built to last. For home or business, we’re pleased to be your local landscaper for quality retainer walls as well as decorative concrete pavers. Contact our retaining wall builders today to take your yard to new heights!

Heartland Lawn and Landscape - Retaining WallNothing adds visual interest to your landscaping quite like a block retaining wall. When built correctly, retaining wall systems not only look great, they also serve a number of useful purposes. Depending on your needs, we can customize your retaining wall installation to provide:

  • Protection from soil erosion
  • Improved use of hilly areas
  • Terraced beds for planting
  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • And other benefits

The pros at Heartland Lawn and Landscape will construct your retaining wall, taking into account the lay of the land and what you want your retainer wall to accomplish. If you have a damaged retaining wall in need of attention, we can either start over and build you a new one, or, if possible, restore your existing wall. In any case, you’ll end up with a landscape retaining wall that’s sturdy, handsome, and functional. Add in some decorative concrete pavers for a walkway or patio, and suddenly your average lawn area is anything but basic!

Retaining Wall Installation & Repair

There’s no question retaining wall systems make a lovely addition to almost any landscape. But behind their good looks, they’re hard at work improving soil stability, supporting raised beds, flattening out sloped areas, and more. Whatever you’re hoping to achieve with a landscape or garden retaining wall, we’ll get the job done right at Heartland Lawn and Landscape. You can rely on our retaining wall contractors for 15+ years of experience and a commitment to precision workmanship. We'll listen to your concerns and come up with a solution that looks as great as it performs.

From residential retaining walls to commercial retaining walls, we have you covered. Reach us in the Cape Girardeau area today for attractive retaining wall installation and repairs backed by solid customer service. And let’s not forget decorative concrete pavers, another attractive option we offer to add interest and style to your landscape.

Ready to get your project underway? Take a minute now to contact our licensed and insured retaining wall contractors. Call our specialists for details and a free estimate!

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Heartland Lawn and Landscape is Cape Girardeau’s choice for professional residential and commercial landscaping. We provide extraordinary customer service, and our landscape gardeners and lawn care experts have 15+ years of professional know-how. We’ll go above and beyond to beautify your southeast MO home or commercial property. From backyard designs to small tree removal to retaining wall installation, we can help!


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